Lip Balm Tubes

As I was looking for something else today, I found a bag of lip balm tubes. They were hiding with a couple bags of oval mini deoderant tubes.

Considering I was so proud to be rid of our plastic packaging, I was not happy to see them! ugh!

But then I had an idea. I know there are some people who haven’t been able to break free of these little plastic buggers. What if I could get them to reuse their plastic tubes? What if I made my lip balm so that any one can melt it down and pour into their empty tube?!

That’s what I did.

I’m excited about this idea because it makes me feel better about having to offer these plastic tubes again… plus, it allows folks to REUSE before they RECYCLE.

You will be able to purchase a kit which includes a lip balm and package of 4 balm refills. Refills will also be available without the tube so that folks can refill their tins!

These will only be available here on our site for VIP Subscribers and will not be added to Etsy.

There will also be some Healing Bee Balm sticks – also refillable!

Stay tuned!