New Headquarters for Honey Bee Emporium!

You may have heard that we have purchased property in Toledo, Oregon! We are so excited for this new adventure. Why Toledo you ask?  Well, Toledo is a beautiful little town that sits just off Hwy 20 and is 7 miles from Newport and the Pacific Ocean. The climate is what really drew us west! Toledo weather is typically between 40 and 70 degrees YEAR ROUND!! There are times when it might get a little colder or a little hotter but generally it is very mild.

We will be able to operate our honey bee operations year round!  Our property sits on a scenic quiet road that dead ends at Olalla Reservoir. There is a golf course within view also. We have 27 acres of forested land that hosts blackberries, clover, huckleberries and too many wild flowers to name! It truly is a paradise in our eyes.

We still maintain our bee hives in the Boise and Eagle, Idaho apiaries so never fear! Our Idaho customers will still be able to purchase RAW LOCAL honey from us and all our other products. No matter where it’s made, it will still be the same high quality honey and beeswax products you have come to expect from us at Honey Bee Emporium!

Currently the renovations are underway for our residence! Once that is complete we will begin working on our warehouse and the Beekeepers Wife Soap Studio!!