So patience is a virtue eh?

It’s been a minute since I have updated you all on what’s been happening over here on Olalla Rd. It’s been busy over here and slow at the same time if that even makes sense! ha

We have encountered a bad contractor which set us back and have had to wait and wait to get some things fixed and or finished from that fiasco. It was a hard pill to swallow being taken advantage of. Oh well, live and learn! Our tile backsplash for the kitchen is getting done this weekend and that will complete the kitchen! I am so happy and relieved to finally get over that hurdle. The kitchen was the biggest fiasco we encountered when we arrived to move in. None of the appliances were installed, the cast iron sink we purchased got dropped by the contractors and BROKEN. The worst part about that was they were going to go ahead and install it under the granite!! OMG thankfully the granite had a problem and couldn’t be installed and we got here to discover the sink before it was hidden away to break later. There’s a lot more but I think for the most part we are past all that besides the lost time and $’s.

Other than that though things have been great over here! We absolutely love it! The peacefulness is truly amazing and the wildlife brings joy to us every single day. It rained finally yesterday and our view is still beautiful with the moody fog that hangs in the trees across the meadow.

At this time I am waiting on bids to begin the studio renovation! Any of the good contractors are extremely busy and you just have to WAIT. Ugh! It is so hard. The garage that will become the studio is pretty rough and isn’t insulated so I can’t even use it temporarily while we wait. I am going crazy knowing that the holidays are about upon us and I am STILL unable to function and make anything new.

The good news is that I did make some holiday soaps, lip balm and lotion in preparation before I left! Thankfully! Those items will be available for purchase very soon for VIP shoppers. It will be a small shop update and Im not sure yet whether I’ll be putting anything out on ETSY due to the sheer volume of sales I typically get and knowing that I am not set up enough to keep up with it!

Be sure and take a peek at my Instagram highlights and stories for updates to where we are in the process! I will be SO relieved to finally have the studio done so that I can get to full production again! The only thing I’ve been able to work on is felting some soaps that I already had made. Being that it gets dark here around 4:15 I have lots of inside time in the evenings! Anyone else hate that it gets dark so early?

New Headquarters for Honey Bee Emporium!

You may have heard that we have purchased property in Toledo, Oregon! We are so excited for this new adventure. Why Toledo you ask?  Well, Toledo is a beautiful little town that sits just off Hwy 20 and is 7 miles from Newport and the Pacific Ocean. The climate is what really drew us west! Toledo weather is typically between 40 and 70 degrees YEAR ROUND!! There are times when it might get a little colder or a little hotter but generally it is very mild.

We will be able to operate our honey bee operations year round!  Our property sits on a scenic quiet road that dead ends at Olalla Reservoir. There is a golf course within view also. We have 27 acres of forested land that hosts blackberries, clover, huckleberries and too many wild flowers to name! It truly is a paradise in our eyes.

We still maintain our bee hives in the Boise and Eagle, Idaho apiaries so never fear! Our Idaho customers will still be able to purchase RAW LOCAL honey from us and all our other products. No matter where it’s made, it will still be the same high quality honey and beeswax products you have come to expect from us at Honey Bee Emporium!

Currently the renovations are underway for our residence! Once that is complete we will begin working on our warehouse and the Beekeepers Wife Soap Studio!! 

Lip Balm Tubes

As I was looking for something else today, I found a bag of lip balm tubes. They were hiding with a couple bags of oval mini deoderant tubes.

Considering I was so proud to be rid of our plastic packaging, I was not happy to see them! ugh!

But then I had an idea. I know there are some people who haven’t been able to break free of these little plastic buggers. What if I could get them to reuse their plastic tubes? What if I made my lip balm so that any one can melt it down and pour into their empty tube?!

That’s what I did.

I’m excited about this idea because it makes me feel better about having to offer these plastic tubes again… plus, it allows folks to REUSE before they RECYCLE.

You will be able to purchase a kit which includes a lip balm and package of 4 balm refills. Refills will also be available without the tube so that folks can refill their tins!

These will only be available here on our site for VIP Subscribers and will not be added to Etsy.

There will also be some Healing Bee Balm sticks – also refillable!

Stay tuned!

Rejuvenate your beeswax wraps

Our beeswax wraps and bags will last a very long time before needing to be composted. As you can see in the video, the fabric and wax become almost paper like when it gets worn. All you have to do is redistribute the wax and viola! Good as new. I haven’t had to throw any out yet! Because we use top quality organic cotton, our wraps and bags are more durable and long lasting.

Drop us a comment below and let us know any tips and tricks you have discovered while using your bee-usables.

How to use our Tipsy Bees

Our Tipsy Bee flat wraps are a set of 3 5″ flat wraps. They are made using premium GOT certified organic cotton muslin that is chemical and dye free. You won’t find a better quality beeswax wrap. These are made in small batches right here in our studio. Use your imagination and see how many ways you can find to replace plastic!

Darwin and Missy Mitchell of Mitchells Journey does our custom sewing and embroiders every little bee on each one.

Cutting Cool Waves

I made this soap with the inspiration of the cool ocean waves over at the Oregon Coast. It has my standard triple butter recipe with coconut milk and is scented with a dupe of Cool Water by Davidoff.

It is a clean and refreshing scent that is suitable for both men and women alike!

Unfortunately, my video setup was giving me problems when I was making the soap so I do not have that this time. I will definitely want to do it again and can show you how I made the top!

Making Lemon Poppyseed

My triple butter recipe has loads of creamy bubbly lather and leaves your skin feeling amazing.
If you haven’t used this soap yet, you NEED to try it! It is refreshing and invigorating with the lemon essential oil and poppy seeds for exfoliation. Those little scratchy seeds are pure joy on your dry and itchy skin!

Here is the cutting video!

Exciting things have been happening! Mark and I have purchased 27 forested acres near the Oregon Coast.  Our headquarters will be there along with my soap studio, year round honey bee operations and more! Renovations of our residence are underway first. Follow along on Instagram to see our progress! @beekeepers.wife

You can visit my shop here: the Beekeepers Wife

Bee-usable Wraps & Bags

Ways to use our Tipsy Bee 5″ wraps

How to: Rejuvenate your Bee-usable wraps

Bee-usable Beeswax Bag demo

Soap Making

Cutting: Cool Waves

Making : Lemon Poppyseed

Soap Cutting: Holy Toledo

Soap Cutting: Eucalyptus + Grapefruit

Making & Cutting: Basil Pear

Making & Cutting: Honey Almond Soap


Here is where I will share some of my best and basic recipes for anything Honey Bee! I will be adding content as time allows so check back often!

Making Beeswax Lip BalmS

All my soaps are made in small batches by me in my studio (kitchen for now). The ingredients I select are of the best quality I can find and are palm free, paraben free, phlalate free and I use plastic free packaging!
Those of you that have been with me since the beginning, know that my soaps and techniques have evolved greatly!

I have learned so much and am proud of the soaps I create.
After much trial and error, I have come up with the perfect size based on what my customers seem to prefer. I love it too! The bars are large ( 5 ounces or more) which you guys all love and they fit perfectly in your hand!

My hope is that I can introduce the luxury of bar soap to many of you die hard shower gel and body wash people. Those that I have converted so far tell me that once they get in the new routine, they love how the soap feels on their skin and how long it lasts!

Are you skeptical about using bar soap? I challenge you to give it a try! If you don’t love it and notice a difference after using the entire bar, I will give your money back. Let me know in the comments if you want to take the challenge!