Honey Bee Emporium is a small operation of about 25 hives and is run by Mark & Andrea.
About the Beekeepers: Mark has been a urban bee keeper in Boise since the 90’s and is constantly learning even though he may be considered an ‘old timer”!  He still feels like a newbie and loves to learn from other bee keepers he meets. When Andrea came along in 2004, she was fascinated by the bees and loved the idea of helping them and the environment. As the years progressed she began making soap from the honey and beeswax. Now she makes candles, lotion, lip balm, beeswax food wraps and many different types of soaps using their  Honey & Beeswax!

Expansion is underway and we now have a new headquarters located in Toledo, Oregon! See our latest blog post for details!

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Honey Bee Emporium- Taking care of bees since 1994.