It’s simple- We strive to be good to each other and the planet.

In keeping with our social and ethical responsibility goals:

We manage our bees based on what is best for them and not best for us. This means sometimes, we harvest zero honey from a hive. We allow Queen Bees time to mature and prove herself instead of replacing her right off the bat. We collect small swarms and save as many bees as possible by introducing them to an existing hive. We place our hives in bee friendly areas with natural water sources and avoiding areas sprayed with pesticides. We limit our sale of honeycomb due to the stress it places on the bees to replace the comb that we remove. The beeswax we harvest is either extra from our top bar hive or the rendered wax we get from uncapping during the extracting process.

Our partners in business are selected carefully based on their ethical and social responsibility goals. We try to align ourselves with other businesses that have similar mindsets. Even if it costs us more. If at all possible, vendors are selected locally so that we can encourage other small business here at home.

The packaging we select is recyclable and/or biodegradable and compostable. The labels we create do not have ink! They too are biodegradable. We are transitioning away from as much plastic as we can. The ingredients we select are natural, sustainably produced and local when possible.

The products we create are made with sustainable oils. We no longer use Palm Oil in our products. Most of our oils and butter are fair trade, organic and plant based. See each ingredient list for details on specific products. We cannot claim vegan because we do use honey and beeswax. Some soaps are made with goats milk.

Our products are good for you and you will love using them! While we do choose healthy and nourishing ingredients, none of our products are intended for the treatment of any medical condition. Please read labels carefully to avoid any known allergens. You are encouraged to research any ingredients by visiting this website: Organic Facts